Date: 2013-08-01
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Windows XP/2000/98/Me
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Description - PopupNukerPro

PopupNukerPro ensures a popup-free browsing experience for you! Pop-ups, apart from being a source of annoyance and irritation, also consume precious bandwidth. PopupNukerPro effectively prevents pop-ups from appearing on your monitor. Its simple but advanced popup and pop-under prevention technology safeguards your PC from multiple window attacks. A distinguished feature of the program is that it gives the user a choice of setting Default action on pop-ups with the click of a mouse. This capability of letting you allow all pop-ups when you desire, while restricting specific ones, makes PopupNukerPro very user friendly. You can tailor the program to notify you of trapped pop-ups. With PopupNukerPro, the annoying and hazardous elements of net surfing are intelligently filtered and you are assured of a FASTER and better browser performance! Key Features of PopupNukerPro Complete Protection against pop-ups PopupNukerPro protects your system from pop-ups that frequently appear on your monitor and hinder your browsing activity. Pop-ups are destroyed even before they can load themselves on your computer. User-friendly interface PopupNukerPro is a very simple application that provides you with a user-friendly application interface. You can configure the program according to your preference. Easily customizableTo ensure total comfort working with the software, PopupNukerPro has numerous easily customizable options. The application enables you to allow pop-ups you find useful and block the ones you find harmful or a nuisance. You can also choose to be notified when a popup is blocked, allow pop-ups through Hotkeys and alter the size of popup windows. Updating PopupNukerPro PopupNukerPro built-in feature called Update enables you to incorporate all latest innovations made to the software.

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