Version: 3.2
Date: 2014-01-17
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/NT
No special requirements

Description - PitPad

PitPad is a text editor that is so easy to use as Notepad and so powerful as programmers, webmasters editors. Application was written for users that use text editor from time to time and for users for whom good text editor is a primary tool. The convenience of GUI, many documents in one window... For ease in use PitPad is equipped with toolbar (standard buttons: open, save, print...) and statusbar (with Cursors position information). Every open file and also newly created document doesn`t have to be viewed in separate windows. Now you can open many files at one time in one window divided into tabs. PitPad 3 is drag&drop compatible. You can open files by draging them on software window and also you can drag selected text and change its position. At your disposal there is a "Most Recently Used" file list. Thanks to it you can quickly open previously opened files. Editing functions, multilevel undo, printing... Another feature of PitPad`s new version are easy to use editing functions. Except standard Copy/Paste functions, editor enables you to paste text into new document, duplicate lines, and known from DOS/Linux`s tools - deleting current line (F8). You can also change the case of selected text: UPPER, lower, First Upper, fIRST lOWERS. For making PitPad more convienient it includes multilevel Undo/Redo function, "Go to line" function, automatic cursor position indent and intelligent tabulators. PitPad`s 3 has new printing options including new ability to configure print settings and Print Preview function. You can set margin size, enable showing line numbers, define header text, etc... Webmasters/programmers support, HTML functions, Keyboard Shortcuts To make editing easier we implemented syntax highlighting system. We think that this function wil

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