River Past DVD QuickRip

Version: 1.7.16
Date: 2013-11-19
No additional requirements
Windows Vista/XP/2000
No additional requirements

Description - River Past DVD QuickRip

River Past DVD QuickRip helps you to rip your DVD-Video disc to individual VOB files based on chapters in your computer. DVD-Video poses a problem for people who would like to take the video to some other devices, like iPod, PSP, cell phones, or just the plain old computer. The VOB files on the DVD may contain multiple chapters, or one chapter may span over several VOB files. A file-based converter, like River Past Audio Converter or Video Cleaner, will only convert the first segment of a VOB file. DVD QuickRip will copy each chapter to its individual VOB files. From that, you can take full advantage of Video Cleaner`s powerful conversion features, or put on your iPod with Crazi Video.

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