Version: 2.02
Date: 2013-11-23
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - StudioPrompter

This is the software that most new prompter software`s on the market are modeled after. StudioPrompter was developed for the multi-monitor Teleprompter in your studio in 1997-98 and it was the first prompter on the market that used dual monitors on all windows platforms. Using multiple monitors frees up the talent to do what they do best and puts YOU in control. Even though StudioPrompter was designed for a two person operation, the talent and teleprompter OperaTor, it can also be used by a single person very easily. Using two monitors, the operator can run the session without the talent knowing or seeing any of the behind the scenes teleprompter operations. The operator console provides all of the functionality of StudioPrompter even while the talent is reading the teleprompter copy. The speed, colors, text files and scroll direction can be changed as the text being scrolled on the second monitor. StudioPrompter also uses RTF (rich text files) for scrolling content. All color and formatting can be used to organize your teleprompting sessions. Multiple document scrolling provides you with all the options to shoot multiple talent talking head segments like a PRO! Using multiple script documents allows you to assign a different document to each member of the talent team (up to 8). The [Alt Files] option is essentially a "run list". The "run list" documents can have different speed, spacing, colors and fonts. There is an unlimited "live edit" [Run List] that will run as many files needed. Features:Suggested UsesMultiple Talent News/Talk show Informational Lectures with image Slides Talking head Video/film Rotating Displays Video Titling (using fading) Speech Rehearsal Choirs Performance Music/Lyric Performance Broadcast Scheduling (scroll) Hospitals Schools Hotels/Motels General Public Speaking


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