Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2013-11-25
No special requirements
Windows 7
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Description - Smereka

Smereka is a freeware program that allows you to organize your data in an hierarchical, searchable database stored in a single file. Features: * unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization of your information items (in a tree); * instant, single-click item viewing and editing; * 6 built-in types of information items; * item labels can have different colors and formatting; * items may be assigned arbitrary icons in the item tree (Free Icons included); * tree view shows item modification date and item type, in addition to icon and label; * blog-like tag support; * revisions of items can be saved to preserve entire history of edits; reverting to any prior revision is possible; * reversible delete and undelete of items (recycle bin); * single-click preview of revisions and deleted items; * transparent indexing and instant fulltext search (across all data types including file attachments); * intelligent import of disk files and Folders; * export item/branch to files; export item/branch to a new database; * drag-and-drop item operations (copy and move of items and branches using your mouse) - on single or multiple selection of any size or depth; * clipboard item operations (cut/copy/paste within a database or Between databases - preserving tags, revisions, icons etc); * easy items importing from other programs - no window swtiching required; * you can edit multiple items at once; when you`re done, review and save the modified items in a single window; * single-file data storage for database portability; * data type plugin interface for adding new data types; * importer and Exporter plugin interfaces for defining new import and export operations; * user Data Backup and automatic error reporting; * compressed data storage yielding small database files; * fast operations regardless of the database size

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